Silk taffetas, dupions, organzas and chiffons. Velvets, Brocades and much more!!

Our dazzling and unique packs contain two metres of mixed fabrics in sizes from fat quarters to pieces 10 x 11 and are available in the following colours:

AMETHYST: This sumptuous selection spins in colour from dark imperial royal purple to pale lilac and misty lavender with a flash of lustrous violet and magenta.

SAPPHIRE: From a deep velvety midnight blue through a magnificent assortment of shades to the bright blue of a summer sky. Add a hint of green, a swirl of grey mist, and you will have that rhapsody in blue!

AQUAMARINE: A fascinating group of colours reflecting deep blue seas and turquoise skies often shot through with green, grey or violet overtones creating a vibrant display to rival any peacock.

EMERALD: The fresh vivid brilliant green of emerald, sometimes spiked with blue undertones, is mixed with the many splendid shades of jade and the golden shimmering greens of peridot.

CITRINE: Sparkling assortment ranging from juicy citrus yellow to palest lemon with a dash of creamy butter and a flash of the golden yellow green that resembles a tigers eye, finished with a piece of polished gold.

TOPAZ: From the golden glow of the setting sun through imperial amber to the gleam of burnished gold. This fabulous selection provides a rich range of colours with pieces of cream and black amongst the treasure.

CORNELIAN: The strong warm fiery colours of red and mandarin are mixed with russet, terracotta and bronze to create this exciting assortment.

RUBY: Powerful, hot and sexy ruby red! A vivid collection of silks, satins and velvets, in shades from the light red of raspberry, through the elegant deep red of Siam to a beautiful dark Burmese red. A strong collection that will not be ignored.

GARNET: A spectacular range of opulent burgundy colours with a splash of fine red wine provides this wonderful parcel of luxury.

ROSE QUARTZ: Many layers of pinks here, from the palest pink blossom through a beautiful display of roses, to a vivid glossy shocking pink.

MOONSTONE: A softly shining and shimmering assortment of cool pale and stone greys, some with a touch of blue or purple hue, and set off with a piece of silver.

PEARL: A fabulous ivory palette of silks, satins, and brocade wrapped in a swirl of silk chiffon.

ONYX BLACK & OPAL WHITE: The magic of black velvet and silk, with a flash of gold or silver, provides a stunning contrast when mixed with soft white opal.

A NATURAL COLLECTION of neutral coloured silks, linens, voiles and taffetas providing different textures and many uses. Six fat quarters in every pack plus some more pieces to inspire you!

Each pack costs just 12.50.Complimentary piece of silk organza included with each pack.

Fabrics may vary from those shown in photos.